I Like to Bake

I do. Especially this time of year when the weather is cooling down, it seems to make a home homier (is that a word?) and let’s face it, I also like to eat. Last week I tried a new pie recipe with all the apples we still have around from our recent picking expedition. You can find the recipe here .
I used the opportunity to grab a few shots of my hard work with one of my favourite lenses the Canon EF 35 f/2. It is a great little lens that I got an amazing deal on used. It works well in low light and I love the bokeh it produces. I have a crop camera, but I think it would be amazing on a full frame. The auto focus has a slight buzzy sound, almost like a mosquito which some people find annoying but it doesn’t really bother me. For the price it is a great little lens, and much much cheaper than the 35 L, which I also hear is pretty darn good ;0)

Ready to go into the oven...

out of the oven for cooling...

after we sliced into it and had a few pieces.

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