Chay’s Couch

In our home office which is supposed to actually be a dining room, there is was an old couch that we have had forever and the only piece of furniture that our beagle Chay is allowed on. A few weeks ago we decided that the old couch was too big for the small office and took it out and placed it in the hallway, where it sat waiting for large garbage pick up day. The couch was old and torn and covered in dog fur so it wasn’t even good enough to give to charity. Poor Chay mourned the loss of his couch. For some strange reason he would not lay on it in the hallway and instead decided to try and lay on our living room sofa. Hmmm not good… So I went looking for a nice dog bed for him in place of his couch. I couldn’t find anything that I thought he would like, plus the fact that dog beds are kind of expensive for what they actually are and he also destroyed the last 2 beds that he had. Then I had a clever idea… I pulled the couch cushion off his beloved couch and layed it on the floor covering it with an old dog blanket we had and two little pillows that are also his that he loves. Voila! This picture kind of speaks for itself. The couch is gone, but a little piece of it remains.

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