Yesterday I fell in Love….

With the Canon EOS 60D. I’ll admit in the beginning I had mixed feelings about Canon’s newest DSLR. But I decided to give it a chance. I have been thinking dreaming lately of replacing my beloved XSI for something with a better ISO performance. I almost traded up to the 50D a few months ago, but decided it wasn’t enough of an upgrade ISO wise from my XSI. Yesterday I went into my local Henry’s to try out the 60D. It felt good in my hands, and not quite as heavy as the 7D which is out of my price range and to be honest too much camera for me I think. I loved the articulating screen. It was wonderful. Nice and bright and clear too. The only complaint I have from my brief time with the 60D is that lock on the Mode dial…I really didn’t like it and found it awkward to push down while turning. Everything else I liked.
Anyways I am still a bit away from purchasing a new camera, but I think this may be my upgrade when I finally do. Another thing to note…I was very anti kit lens going in. I have a few great lenses and I basically just wanted body only. I did try the Canon EF-S 18-200mm lens that can come kitted with the camera and actually liked it. I might consider it to replace my EF-S 18-55mm (which I planned to sell if I ever sell my XSI and my beloved 55-250mm). It appears to be a nice walk around lens, which would be great for me for camping when I don’t want to bring more than one lens. The price difference from the body only to the kit with 18-200mm is only a $279 difference….so maybe.
Here are few pics I shot in the store with the kit lens and the 60D. All these images are straight out of the camera, just resized in lightroom 3, ISO 1000.

My other love :O)

The 18-200mm zoomed all the way out.

Zoomed in.

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