My Treasure

Last week we had picture day during my son’s weekly swim class. The parents are given the opportunity to come out onto the pool deck and snap some shots of their kids. We are lucky that our public pool is surrounded by windows which let in tons of natural light. I was able to use my zoom lens the Canon EF-S 55-250mm for this shot, which is one of my favourite lenses that I purchased with my camera. I mostly use this lens for outdoor shots since I don’t have a fast zoom lens, the abundance of natural light at the pool let me get away with using this lens without flash indoors.
I submitted the first photo to the DPS weekly photo assignment called Treasure. The second picture I tried cropping to comply with the rule of thirds . I used LR3 for adjusting exposure, sharpening, white balance, and cropping, then I opened them up in PSE8 and ran two of The Pioneer Woman’s free actions through them both, Boost and Bring out the Eyes. I adjusted the opacity on both actions to suit my personal taste. If you have full Photoshop you can also download the actions here. Another wonderful source of free actions is this blog . I am also now learning about all the wonderful free presets that are available for Lightroom as well and I am hoping to download some of those when I get some time to play around.

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One Response to My Treasure

  1. Mads says:

    wow, I love the second shot!
    Amazing what a little picture editing can do

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