Harry Potter and a Weasel.

I took out my Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 lens yesterday. The UV filter had been stuck on it for awhile now and I hadn’t been using it. And I mean STUCK. It is a scary thing trying with all your might to unscrew a UV filter off one of your favourite lenses. But it had to be done. Anyways after much forcing my hubby used a rubber garlic peeler to remove the stuck filter. Go figure, a garlic peeler, handy for two things now.
Anyways I snapped a couple of images of the various toys that were laying about on my kitchen table at that moment. I had forgotten how nice the bokeh is from this lens. My kitchen table and most other available surfaces in my home usually have Legos and stuffed animals upon them at any given time of the day.
I edited these PSE 8 with the laptop from the comfort of my bed tonight, so I apologize if the colours are wonky, but I am far to lazy to go downstairs to the desktop.



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