Christmas Card Photos…A Work in Progress

On Friday after school I decided to try and take the picture for our annual Christmas card. Since our son has been born I take his photo each year to put on our Christmas card. So after school on Friday we headed outside to the back yard where the light was very nice. 4:30pm here is in now the golden hour so I really wanted to capture my photo during this time and the sun was quickly falling.
I positioned my son in front of a spruce tree for a nice green Christmassy background. I started snapping away. I took about 100 pictures and have about 4 that I am very pleased with. So I present you with my choices.

This is my first choice…I tried cropping the monkey out (the white thing at the bottom) but the crop just didn’t look right to me so I left it as is. I do find the monkey distracting though, because it is there and you can see it but you don’t actually know what it is. Well ok now you know but that is because I told you.

This is my 2nd choice, but would have been my first choice but my son has a bit of a cold and happened to blow a small snot bubble the moment I snapped the pic. I tried taking it out in PSE8 but I can still see where I tried to remove it. I think I am going to try again but now it is my 2nd choice because of that.

3rd choice…I like this a lot very sweet. It has a few hot spots on his face but I don’t mind them too much.

4th choice…I really like the background in this one. I used my speedlight flash for fill light, but I dunno, I am not great with a flash and I feel it might have washed him out a bit. I really need to learn how to use that darn thing properly. The natural light pictures seem…nicer? more natural? I do like the background very much and hey you can see the monkey.

So those are my choices so far, unless I decide to try again. What do you think?

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3 Responses to Christmas Card Photos…A Work in Progress

  1. Kat says:

    They’re all adorable – I thought the monkey was a mitten in the first one, so I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

    Not to be a total lack of help, but all of the pictures are really sweet. I think that all of them would be equally as lovely on the front of a card.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks, I never realized but your right, it does look like a mitt.

  3. Mads says:

    I love them all! You’re right about the 4th one being a little washed out, not that I’m an expert or anything.
    The 2nd one is my favorite and I can’t see the snot bubble at all! haha

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