Nurse Chay

So in my previous post I mentioned my son has been pretty sick with Scarlet Fever. The first 2 days we didn’t realize what it was, we just figured it was a usual bug that would run it’s course. The first day and a half he was very lethargic and wanted to sleep. He didn’t want tv, or me to read to him, and he didn’t want video games. I set up our double self inflating air mattress in the living room so that I could keep on eye on my son during the day. Our beagle Chase aka Chay never left his side.

Chase isn’t an aggressive dog, he usually doesn’t growl at all. But if my husband tried to move him even in the slightest from laying next to my son he would growl.

And as he continues to get better Chay is still with him. I really do believe that pets sense when we are not well and they do help us to feel and get better.

After this past week we are all a little bit proud of our Chay and his complete dedication to the family especially our son.

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