365 Project Day 63 – The Croc Family

Once upon a time, in a house in the country there lived a family of Crocs. They were sad and lonely because it was winter and they were being neglected. They longed for warm sunny days by the pool, weekends camping, and nights outside by the back door….

I am on day 63 but if you would like to check out the other 62 days you can click here.

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I have been neglecting my blog. Very badly. For that I am sorry. I really don’t have an excuse. I started a 365 project in January and have been doing that and it seems to be taking up the extra time I had for blogging. I think the solution may be to combine my blog and my 365 together. So what I hope to do in future is post my 365 pictures on my blog and if there is time for more then I will do more and if not at least there is something current on here. So sorry for being a bad blogger.

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Nurse Chay

So in my previous post I mentioned my son has been pretty sick with Scarlet Fever. The first 2 days we didn’t realize what it was, we just figured it was a usual bug that would run it’s course. The first day and a half he was very lethargic and wanted to sleep. He didn’t want tv, or me to read to him, and he didn’t want video games. I set up our double self inflating air mattress in the living room so that I could keep on eye on my son during the day. Our beagle Chase aka Chay never left his side.

Chase isn’t an aggressive dog, he usually doesn’t growl at all. But if my husband tried to move him even in the slightest from laying next to my son he would growl.

And as he continues to get better Chay is still with him. I really do believe that pets sense when we are not well and they do help us to feel and get better.

After this past week we are all a little bit proud of our Chay and his complete dedication to the family especially our son.

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Hello. Remember me?

I would like to apologize for the fact that I have been horrible for updating this blog as of late. So far we are having quite the January. The latest fun adventure is that my son has Scarlet Fever and is home from school sick. Today is his best day so far, he was really quite sick so it is nice seeing him acting like his old self. Poor kid is covered in a bright red sunburn like rash all over his entire body. Apparently lots of fun illnesses are going around this winter. Chicken Pox, Fifth Disease, Scarlet Fever. Good times.

I recently started a 365 photo project and I have been enjoying the challenge. If you would like to check it out you can, here is the link. This is one of my favourite photos of the project so far. I must say I am loving my new camera, especially when paired with my macro lense.

Anyways if you are still with me, thanks for tuning in and hanging in there, I hope to be posting on a more regular basis by next week when hopefully life will have returned to normal.

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I Heart Faces – Best Face 2010 Contest

This for me is my best photo of a face for 2010. It is my 6 yr old son, taken outside behind our house in front of our spruce trees. I love his eyes and it is currently my favourite photo of him. Head on over to I Heart Faces to check out some more Best Faces of 2010.

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Just checking in with a quick post. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a nice quiet Christmas just the 3 of us. We spent Christmas day in our PJs playing with toys and eating way to much.

My wonderful husband bought me the best gift I could ever ask for…..a new shiny Canon 7D! I am still in shock that I actually own such a nice camera. I guess I now I really need to work on my skills. I got tons of other goodies for my camera too, including a strobist kit and wireless flash trigger as I really want to learn off camera flash. Anyways I thought I would pop in and share my exciting camera news and one of my early pictures I took with my new baby. I am still learning the AF system and still shooting in JPEG which I hope to stop soon. I am a little afraid the 7D’s raw files are going to kill my computer.


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Merry Retro Tree Light Bokeh to You

And yeah, I’m tacky and like the coloured tree lights.

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